June Special Distillery Release: Texas Single Malt Single Barrel


Practically every bottle of our prized Texas Single Malt you buy is a special mingling of several casks hand selected by our distillers. “Blending” (not to be confused with blended whisky) is the process by which casks are chosen to be married together to create a composed and consistent product. This is necessary because no two barrels are exactly alike – there’s always some bit of variation in flavor and aroma and it takes a team of hardy palates to pick apart the differences and decide which casks will work together in a batch for bottling. However, every now and then, we discover a cask of whisky that stands alone in its character, and deserves to be preserved by itself…

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve recently bottled cask #4749, a single barrel of our prized Texas Single Malt. At 38 months, it is the oldest single malt whisky we’ve ever released, and probably the oldest ever made in Texas. It was preserved at its natural cask strength of 64% ABV. Fans of our FR.OAK Texas Single Malt from 2014 will be very pleased to know that this particular whisky aged entirely in French oak, which adds a unique dimension to the whisky. Our distillers have prepared the following tasting notes for you:

Barrel #4749, French Oak, 38 Months

Mature oak and oiled leather on the nose, with rich nutty notes and hints of oxidized sherry punctuated by an herbal spiciness. The palate starts rich and sweet with spiced plum, building to black tea and molasses. The finish has sweet leather and iced tea with a bit of an acid kick before dry spice flavors evolve over the long and drying finish.

We’ll be releasing Texas Single Malt Single Barrel exclusively at our gift shop at 1pm this Saturday, June 24. A single barrel is just that, a lone cask we selected on its own, so we only have 180 bottles of this whisky to sell. Show up early to guarantee yours!

Sales of Texas Single Malt Single Barrel are first come, first serve, and limited to one (1) per person. Guests that have purchased the legal limit of two bottles in the past 30 days will not be eligible to make any liquor purchases at the distillery until that period has passed, per state law, no exceptions. Valid, government-issued 21+ ID required with all liquor sales. No concessions will be made for out of stock products. In other words, once it’s gone, it’s gone!

A small number of tasting flights including Texas Single Malt Single Barrel will be available in our tasting room starting at 1pm, until sold out.

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